“Add Sound Box to your workflow on closure, put the gadget in your central digital board and enjoy the cheer if one of your team members finishes an issue.”

bITr - Sound Box for JIRA

Sound Box for JIRA allows you to add post-functions to your workflow actions that send a notification to the Sound Box.

The Sound Box Dashboard gadget picks up the notification and will play the sound specified for the specific workflow action.



Step 1 - Add the Sound Box post-function to your workflow

Add Sound Box post-function

Step 2 - Define the required sound for the selected workflow transition

Specify Sound Box sound

Step 3 - Validate the result of your definition

Validate Sound Box sound definition

Step 4 - Add the Sound Box Gadget to your Dashboard

Add Sound Box gadget to Dashboard

Step 5 - Configure the Sound Box Gadget

At least specify the project key(s) for which the sounds should be played. Multiple can be defined separated by ,.

Configure Sound Box Dashboard gadget

Step 6 - Validate the Sound Box Gadget

Validate Sound Box Dashboard gadget

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